Knowing your correct size is critical for buying clothes online. This guide will help you find your correct measurement. Apart from the standard sizes, MyWear apparels are also available in custom sizes. So, don't be restricted to a S/M/L/XL - specify your exact size and your T-Shirt, Backpack or bag will be custom made that way!

Note: the custom size slider is for Apparel Width and not chest size.

If you do not have a tape measure, please download a tape measure here and print it! The PDF file includes directions on how to print and glue the paper to get a correct tape measure.

Measuring sizes for Apparel

For apparel, you can measure one of two ways A) Body Measurement B) Measure your favorite dress.

  1. Body Measurement

    Take a deep breath & measure your chest just below the arm hole. This is your chest width. Use the nearest size from the chart (row A in chart) for standard fit. If you are stockier, use the next higher size.

    MyWear - Women size measurement
    Measure your chest below the arm hole (widest part of bust for women). Chest Width is row A in chart.
  2. Measure a dress

    Take a T-shirt or dress that fits you comfortably. Measure just below the arm hole. This is your Apparel width. Use the nearest size from the chart (row B) for a similar fit.

    MyWear - Measure a dress
    Apparel width is row B in size chart

Measuring Sizes for Accessories

Take your favorite bag or backpack, spread it flat on a table and measure its width near the center. Measure its height from top to bottom, also at the center.

Choose the appropriate size from the size chart that is closest to the Width & Height measurement you took. Apart from the standard sizes, MyWear Design-your-own Backpacks, Bags, Pillowcases and other accessories are available in custom sizes! Just select CUSTOM under size and set the Width & Height to the exact value you want and your backpack (or bag or the accessory) will be custom made to that size!

Width and Height at center.