Knowing your correct size is critical for buying clothes online. In fact, a lot of consumers hesitate to buy online due to the fit problem. To make things more complex, almost every apparel vendors uses their own nomenclature for sizes (for example, a size M with one vendor can be quite different from a size M from another vendor).

Apart from the standard sizes, MyWear apparels are available in custom sizes. So, don't be restricted to a S/M/L/XL - specify your exact size and your T-Shirt, Backpack or bag will be custom made that way! This guide will walk you through this process.

Note: the custom size slider is for Apparel Width and not chest size.

If you do not have a tape measure, please download a tape measure here and print it! The PDF file includes directions on how to print and glue the paper to get a correct tape measure.

Custom Size Chart

Determining Your Custom Sizes

  1. Take a deep breath & measure your chest just below the arm hole. This is your chest width.

    vPersonalize - Women size measurement
    Measure your chest below the arm hole (widest part of bust for women). This is your chest Width.
  3. If you are using custom sizes, you must add ease to your chest measurement. It is typically 3 - 4 inches for standard fit and 4 to 5 for a loose fit. After you add the two, halve this number to get your apparel width.

    Example: Chest size = 40
    Ease = 4 (Standard Fit)
    Total = 44 inch
    Apparel Width = 44 / 2 = 22.

    Measure the length from shoulder to bottom. This is the Apparel Length.

    Use these two numbers in the Custom Slider for Width and Height respectively.

    Remember, with power comes responsibility! When using Custom Size, please ensure that your calculations and shape are correct. If you are unsure, please use a standard size based on the chart.